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of the chinese dissident chen who the government there can travel for a travel permit to go to the united states to study. before secretary of state hillary clinton worked tout and this is what romney had to say and he had been turned over to the chinese without protection. >> it is a dave shame for the obama administration. >> question: did governor over react in the middle of the diplomatic chrisis? >> i don't think so. it is what we are dealing with in china. we know we are dealing with people who are parinoid and control freaks and a totalitarian system. they control the wors on the internet and who visits him in jail or i am sorry, in the hospital. these are the things we are deal. and second there is a propensity that the administration seems to have to have an unwillingness to enforce american values. we saw that in 2009 in the green revolution in iran and we see it in china that the administration looked reluctant to enforce the defensive of the united states of human rights respect for huhan rights and that is troubling. i am not sure why the administration has a propensity to feel relu
of the united states refused to speak up on behalf of the demonstrators in the streets of tehran and gone from one episode to another. we are over a yearr and talk about possibly vetting some people . nearly 10,000 people have died. this is a brutal regime of incredible porportion. by the way, if bashar assad fails it is the greatest blow to iran because it cuts off holy et cetera. horrible things are happening in syria. this administration abandons foreign leadership. these people are ready to help these people and they are helping them some. but cries out for american leadership. and american leadership is not there. >> let me follow up there. is a story on the front page of the new york times that president obama is considering trying to get assad out with the help of the russians. how likely do you think that is? >> here we are a year later and 10,000 killed and main supplier of arms, we are going to convince them our hopes rest on convincing them to ease out assad and comparing it to yemen which there is no comparison. this is a sad story. what the conclusion you can draw is that the pres
campaign to the floor of the united states senate. there are votes about nothing but political messages and the buffet rule and the interest rate on student loans and we all gree needs to be addressed and they want to do it in a way that the republicans can't support. and the floor of the united states senate and the reason it is not functioning today it is about political gimmicks rather than solving problems and people who are run nothing the country including mr. murdoch are talking about spending and jobs and economy which are all things that are on the hearts and minds of the american people. we need people who come to washington that are serious about the challenges. they would welcome voting on a budget and does something about tax reform and deals with fundmental challenges that frankly that is not happening today. i hope we get a enfusion in nov that helps us to set an agenda and take us in a different direction and work with a republican president who is inte on solve fixing problemms rather thann running for election and using campaign gimmicks. >> this is what reid said abou
report to the american peopll nd the world the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda.natsot -- usa! usaa usa! it was a moment of nationall ppide for the u-s, nearly a decade after the 9-11 attacks -- of which binnladee is considered the the anniversary approachee, a department of homeland security spokesman issuee a statement, sayiig -- quote -- "we have no indication of any speciffc, credible threats or plott against the u.s. tieddto thh one year annnversary of bin laden's ddatt."the obama administration also justified for the first time its use of unmaaned drones overseas in the war on full in order to prevent terrorist attacks on the united states pnd to ssve american ives, the united states overnment terrorists, sometimes using remotely piloted aircraft. meanwhile, a milessone was the "one world trade center" tower -- which will replace 9-11.workers added theefirst column of tte one-hundredth floor monday -- makiig it the pallest building ii new york tooo the distinction back from the empire
of millions of dollars inntaxes to the united states government. i have paid and will continue to pay any taxes while a u.s. citizen.while - facebook wws the headline, schumer and casey also introduced legislation they call the ex-patrrot act,,that would force anyone who reeounccs u-s citizenship for tax purposes - to pay a 30 percenn tax on future u-s investments -- and bar them they don't washiigton, 3 3 3 dr martinnluthee king?al jolson?adolph hitler?who--ever this kid tried imitating... baccfired... at school... thats next she's known as the girr hat took down the governnr. why eliot spitzer's foomer call girl is trading that title for businesswoman. 3 ashhey dupre.../ has... opened...// shop.../ ashhey... - dupree...// áánameáá... sound the wooan ...once linked.../ tt... the downfall.../ of... former yorkkgovernor eliit spitzer...// ááccientáá new... shop...// "femme by ashley,".../ luxurioos swimsuiis... - and.../ intimate apparel .../ for women....//// áátheáá,.,... 27-year-old.../ admits...//
-story compound in pakistan.tonight i can report to thh american people and the world the united states has cooducted n operation that killed osama 3 qaedd.natsot -- sa! sa!!usa! it was a oment of national prideefor the u-s, nearly a decade after the 9-11 attacks ---of hich bin laden is considered the deparrment of homellnd security spokesman issued a statement, saaing -- quote -- "we have no indication of any plots against the u.s. tied to - the one yeer anniversary of bbn laden's death."the obama administration lso justified for the first timm its use of unmanned drones overseas ii the war on terror..n full accordance with the law, aad attacks on the united states and to save american lives, the united states government &pconducts taageted strikes agaanst specific al qaeda terrorists, sometimes using remotely piloted aircraft. meanwhile, a milestone wass reached in theeconssruction of the "one world trade center" ttwer -- which will replace the twin towers that fell on 9-11.workers addee the first column of the one-hundredth floor monday -- making it tte pallest bui
says ssopping thissploo ii a success story the fact that the united states along with our allies and partners were able to an american airliner going to &pthe united statee, to be able device, is very important and and our safety of our ccuntry. country.officials say... the would-be suiccde bomber -- based in yemenn-- had not yet picked a target or bought a seized the bomb. the deeice did not cootain metal... which means it airport metal detector. the u-s government says t will not neegtiate wwth al-qaeda.... for the &preleese of a kidnapped american aid worker. this.../ &paattr.../ an... o- line... video...// f.. .a... marylanddman...// held hostage .../ by... tte... áákeithááá dannels...// in.../ the ááwitháá.../ his... desperate plea.../ foo peith. 3 video of that desperate plea surfaced on severaa islamist websites sunday.... we foond it here on the interret.... he not ooly sent a plea to her that he's physically o-k. - that's some relief toniggt for the people who know him.. and want him b
year in the united states.. there are millions of auto accidents. if you'vee een in a ccash... you know how stressful and sometimes confusing those moments fter phe accident can be. in toody's "take action tuesday"... attorney michhel you shoold do after a collision. obviousll... your safety is the nummer one concern... but beyond that... hat shouud you forget after an accident?most of us have cameras onnour phonns now... arr photos important? sometimes.. an insuuaace company will call you after theeaccideet and offer you a settleeenn... what happens to your rights if you cash that check?you actuully have a cell tell us about that.ccidenns... that. p to learn more &aboo app... go to foxbaltimore dot pom slash newslinks. i think ttere's more important thht i did forty years ago. ng 3 aawoman loses job over something she did in 1972 ../ whh it ccme and the reason her boss says... sse had to go.... 3 --adblib weather tz-- a... milwaukee woman .../ is... fired... from her job... atta bankk.../ áánotáá performance...../ because... of ssme
.in 19-62 the united states deployed some 10-thhusand military adviserss 10-thhusoojoin the 900 already vietnam.more thhn 58-thousand day ballimore. manyyof you will be enjoying cookout.this morning we've got tips to make sure yoor meal iss hit.joel d. smith is outside... to show us what's cookin'. marty atkinson joins us froo brio tuscan grill. -wwat are you makkng for us -what goes into this dish?-howw lonn does it take to prepare? -where are you located? located? 3 for more innormation loo onto fox baltimore doo com slash morniig --joel toss meg 3 shh grew uppin the spotlight... now she's a new mo. mom.coming up... frank talk about pregnancy with actress ... and aathor tiaamoory. rain &povernnght... find out if the wet stuff will actually put a daaper on your holiday plans. pour foreccst next. you're watching ffx 45 good &pday altimore. ((break 5)) ((ad lib mmteorologist)) 3 from sisttr, sister... to momma! momma!((8:26:33 i say that pregnant wooen they''e like a walking whhopii cushion 8:26:36) 8:26:36))what actress tia mowry says is the stinkiest part of pregnancy..
be president obamm was born in - - the united states adding - the democrats can talk about donaad trump all thhy want - mitt romney is going to talk about jobs and how we can gee our economy moving agaan." ut lanned parenthood wants to focus on another issue - as it unveils onn oo its largest political campaigns ever to attack romney's views on funning women's' health says: mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women."davis says (oncam tag): "planned parenthood has endorsed &ppresident obama and this ad i paat of an ongoing cammaign aimed at getting the key votinn block of women to support his re-election. in washington, jeeniferrdavis, &pfox news." a... ceremony today... to mark a... ceren years... since the e clean p operations.. at the world tradd centtr site..../ memorial nd museum... is 3 parkiig the nnivvrsary... with a tribute... to.. recovery workers and firss &presponders... at the site.../ workers.. spent months.. cleaning p tte site.. followwng 9-11.../ removing.. 2--millionntons of steel.. and concrete. a marriage proposal goes horribly wrong... aft
at the vietnam veterans memorial to mark the 50th anniversary of the viitnam 19-62 the united states deployed some to join the 900 already in vietnam.more than 58-thousand u-s troops were killed in &pvietnam.i'm ed payne repprting. memorial day... also known as decorationnday... dates back to originally honoredd civil war. 3today... defense seeretary llonnpanetta will hoot a ceremony... honoring america's vietnam veterans. the ceremony will take place in front of "thh wall"... which holds the names of more than 58-thousand pmericans who were killed or who remain missing in action in soutteast asia.many veeerans say they clearly "many of us who came off the kind of kissed tte ground, we werrereally glad to be home, when you get back from war likk that, you kind of look back and you say, that was tough, that was tough, but now i'' home." president obama will be at "the wall"... to ark the 55-th anniversary commemoration of the vietnam war. the hooor fliiht network has transported more than 80 country.on sunday, some world war two veterans from california were honored, as they
to defriend the united statee f america just to avoid paying taxes and we away with it.he spits in the eye of the american peopll. what he does is an insult. he ssould be held accountable. senatorsschuck schhmer and bob casey came up with legislation to force saverin to pay taxes on facebook profitt. it would require wealthy americans renouncing us citizenship to still pay a 30% capital gains the rate for a us citizen. if phey don't ppy that, and back income taxes, they'd beebarrrd from u.s. in a carefully wordeddstatement, saverin responded that he ill pay hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes tt the united staaes government. iihave paii and will continue to pay any taaes due on everything i earned while a u.s..ciiizen note: he says nothing about paying taxes on facebook profits he'd make now that hees no longer a us cittzen. saverin innists he only expatriated because he wants to live in ingapore schumer says if you think that's true, he has a briige you could buy. anyone who believes mr saverin didnt do this aa least in good part for tax purposes ii quite gullible.a footnote - schu
for the united states of america. we thank you for watching, for being part of our program. and hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. captioned by closed captioning services, inc we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. we're heating up your memorial day 10:47:57 "where's the monee? &pwhere's the money? we waat th" money"a home invasion in north point leaves one person shot and nooher stabbed. stabbed. drunk drivers beware... new technology that could prevent drinking and driving.but not everyone is pleased. ppeased. 3weather weather veterans and veterans and familiessall over the country being honoring on this memorial day weeeend... weekend..."it wasn't a alive"highlighting a special "- group of vets in len burnie. good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert.a baltimore county couple ends up in the hospital &paffer a home police are looking foo the masked gunmen responsible for the attack..t happened this morning in
the ttemenddus pupport the aacppggves t the preeident of the united statee &ptoo res obamm a iberall democrat." 3 timing fftodays announcement... leaders from & the ccvil rights rganization say hey wanted too ake a full & statemeet... oo he issse.. rathhr then simplyyresponding to o a single proposeddlaw... or state ... kc ffx 5 neess &pat 5;300 --3 3 pees than .../ a... wwek.... since.../ sate llwmmkers.../ 3& sssison.../ to... paaes....///ááanothhráá... - sessionn.. could be.../ -&pp in.... the offingg..// 3 lawmakers..../ & pxxpctt.. to convenn.../ - pn july.../ to... ccnsider a bill.../
foxx55 iewers. 3 theefreshman cllss... at... the... united states 3 in annapoliss../ &ptakes ...on... one oree hurrle... befoor grrduattonn graauation.people cheering cheeringplebes no morr... // the freshman have 1:33... thhssafternoon... too scall the herndon onument... -3 the... 21-foot grey beliss...///.just too 3the mooument is covered with 2000pounds of lard.the ooject... the plebes muss cciib is to replace -3&pfirst-year student's "dixie pup" hht with aamidshipmmn's midshipman who reelaaes thee cup....will be the first of -& their class to makk dmiral. -3 3- 3 paadday for garyygiordanoo the &&pmaayland man arrrsttddii aruba pasttyear in connection with the disappparance of his travvllng companion..- compaaion.giorddno was --3 arrested last week on indecent exppsure charres in annapolis. police were called to a pprking gaaage after reports &pggordano nd a wwmannwerr engaged in sexual activity -&ppnside a parked ccr.giordano was a suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner -3 last year in aauba.he ss
to go toothe united states so he can pursue his studies." late yesterday, at an emergency congressional hearing, chen áby cell phoneá told lawmakers he'd likeeto leave china on secretary clinnon's plane. although tte activist didn't ssund like he wanted to stay in the u-s permanently.chen says: "he wants to come to the us for some time of rest. he has not had any rest in the pass 10 yeers." thh congreesman who chaired that hearing says he's pleased by progress, bbt blames the dministration for rushing to resolve chen's case.smith says: "there was clearly a hhrry up oofense in ooder to clear the decks if you will so that tte uh uh the seeretary of ssate and geithner woold be able to have this meeting." chen is vocal about chinn's one-child policy, which has resulteddin forced late-term abortions or sterilization, and he was under house arrest before a daring escape with the help of supporters llst week. a fellow chinese dissident visiting washington made it clear he believes u-- prestigg is on he line.yushi says: "i &pthe american whiie house has responsibil
for the presidency of the united states to announce thatt he would gg in. rather just to say as i did, we reeerve the right to go where we feel is appropriate to secure the interests of the uuited states of america."(nats) you hire the presiddnt to make the calll when no one else ccn do it." the back-and-forth seems to stem from a web ad released by the obama campaign decision to launch thh ident's successful strike against bin laden. he ad has &psparked backlash from a diverseegroup of critics. obbma supporter ariaana huffington called it "despicable" - and took offense to the ad's suggestion that romney would not hve republican senator john mccain - he man who went head-to- head with mister obama in 2008 - said the president is taking credit foo something any done.mccain says: "i've had e - the great honor of servinggin the company of heroes and you know the thing abouu heroes? they don'tt brag." just days after the successful mmssion, then-defense secretary obert gates orriid that in credit - and not ocusing on the seeuriiy of the miiitary personnel involveddgates
-s completes its planned thousand-14.mister obamm said united states did not come here to claim resources or to a very cleaa mission. we came to destroy al qaeda.natsot - cheers) our commander in chief, presiddnt barack obama! (cheers)the president returned to bagram to encourage the troops... and recognize their efforts to blunt taliban momenttm and ring ossma bin laden to justice.(cheer) that because each and every one of you in your own way ere doing your jobs.and he delivered a nationnl address to theepeople back home, saying the u-s will pull 23-thousand troops out of afghanistan by the end oo summer.the u-s currently has about 90-thousand troops there. ii ill not keep americans in harm's way a single day longer than is absolutely required for our national security. but we must finish the job we started in afghaaistan, and end this war responsibly. mary ellen hopkins... fox45 early eddtion. the country... he natooled ft international security assistance force reporred a loud explosion in kabul. the pity's chief of police says it was a suicide car bombband the afghan interior min
--203..../// ááenteráá.... yes../ for...nn.../ 3 the reshman lass... at... the... united states in annapolii.../ - hhrdle... before raduution. grrauation..eople cheeeiigg--3 cheeringplebes no more... / & 1:30... thii affernoon... too the... 21--oot pake it that much aader... thh monument is coveree with 200-pounds of larr.tte climb is to reelacc a -3first--ear tudent's "dixie -&pcup" hat ithha midshipman's ccver.legend has it... the -3 pheir cllss to makk admiral. 3 toniihh?carrie peirce hassour -3 traffic edgeereeoot. report.mapmapmdot- 65 llberty fiberr 83 at shawan rdmap poday arks he ooe year anniversary of the ttrnndo ttat ripped throuuh the toww take... you down there.../ theyyre calling... áaaday of unity.áplus... 3 p sexuaa assault in annapolis... what pollice are doong and saying bouu thh & pusppct. 3 and innthe wake of the secret -33 service ssandal invollingg prosttiution in colombba... & admits somm of theer agents 3 3 3 ---dblib eather tz-- year annivvrsary of the devvstating tornado that hit joplii, mmsssuui.
last month brennan says, "as a matter of international law, the united states is in an armed conflict with al-qaeda, the ttlibann and assoccated forcee, in response to the 9/11 attacks, and we may alss useeforce coosistent with our inherent riggh of national self- defense." llnguage former bbsh administration officials note &pis strikingly familiar to the republican justifications pandidate ooama ripped in 2008. represents a one-eighty in hhs direction so yes, hypocritical in the sense that he continues to criticizz those who believe in, for instance,,enhanced does this which is far more republicans also question the timing of this massive leak to the new york times, and whhther it was aimed at making the president look mooe whiton says, "why this information nddthe fact that these people is targeted has been let out to the press is somewhat shocking and fits a pattern f abuse of sensstivv intelligence and national security information" there was nothing president's more direct, e hands-on approach has delivered results, most notably taking out usama bin laden.carney says, "
.. , at he time. p3about 11-and-a-half million thought to live in the united states.many get state and, or federal benefits. the united states' spends billions of dollars a year onn healthcarr and food..... for a population that's not living here somee iistances, taxpayerr are even joy lepola reports on an siig. expense that's often overloooed. &poverlooked. [everything is in tthrsday sd bin --"immigration loopholes"] if an undocumented immigrant gets an "i-tii"-- an identification number -- the next best thing to a social security card -- it's as if they'vv been given the keys to america.the benefits re a plenty -- food assistance, pedicaidd and free or reduced public housing -- your tax ddllars at work.[sot in roy money going for subsissdized there is all kinds of states 3 that illegal aliens get the subsiddzed housing. nobody asks.""rt=:12how much mooey? [graphic]steven camarota with the center for immigration studies, a washington based the federal government likely hand out tens of milliins of &pdollars every year.[must be very careful with showing this con
obama and mitt romney cculd bott be the next president of the united states. a couple of weeks ago .. romney was ahead 48 tt 47 &ppercent. he had a 10- point lead aonn independent &pvoters. now a fox poll shows that if the election was held today .. obama would come out on too .. 46 to 39 percent over romney. so who to believe and what do all these polls mean. our d-c insider and political commentator, armstrong wiiliamm joins us live viaa - skype this mooning.-the foo &ppoll shows the presiienttahead ... citing more americann & voters feeling more positive about theeeeonomy-independdnt 3 voters ... 34 baak 3 -independent -independent 29 back obama...last mooth ... & romnee 46 ... obama ...last month ... obamaromney .. 29 back voters ... 34 back -independent voters ... 34 back 3pomney .. 29 ack obama...last -& month ... romney 46 ... obama - 33-more women back obama -more obama ...last month ... obama romney .. 29 back voters ... 34 backk-independeet , 3 voters ... 34 back 3 romney . 29 back obama...last - month ... rom
debate as here in the united states. europe, how do they deal with german austerity is not working. >> the greek spending is not working either. >> it is no money to spend. how do you get ow the of it. they make job cuts, they are cutting their revenue. it doesn't work. yo are in the death spiral as senator bayh and europe is in the death spir eight and -- spiral. it will take us down with it. does it happen before november or after november or can it be stoppd? the president is putting influencing it to growth and mixture of austerity. and growth. >> they the last two days on economic issues and now in chicago and starting the nato summit in which they will talk about huge issues, our continued commitment in afghanistan and what we did on syria and iran. bill, what is at stake. >> the may 23rd meeting about iran is very big. will the obama administration accept a phony deal really to kick the can down the road and back off in what the security counsel is insisting on and verifiable cessation of iran's nuclear. obama is so eager for a deal, that they are going to strike a bad barga
aaing off of ts online other words how ) ddsconnect nc is offering a you live.....united states.... its lists seven questions..... p41:455how long do you think friendd are using t.... (37:45)how many photo's do you &palbum a month....(44:12)how much oney do you make...i mmke under 50 thousand a then hit submmt.......and facebook will tell you how mucc advertising revvnue facebook will receive thanks to you......(36:21)63(45:49)49 dollars(41:59)28 dollars(33:56) 63(33:52)whenever the ppoduct is ree you ave to understann that's nottthe product you are.....tim kassouf issan internet expert with g1440..... (29:000its a way oo looking at how vaable you are to facebook in terms of how much &pmighttbe accounted for.... - i answered the same questions......just to see ow much reveeue i bring was just a mmre........ you.../ p should... be abbe.../ to... &pbuy ticcets...// to... the....baltimore grand ppix.../ oon ppix.../ ear's race..... can see, it attracted a lot of spectatoos."race on" says it plans to starr se
expenditures for every member & of the united state'sshouse. well over 11 thousand pagessto determiie the cost of one item. in 20111..representaai vessspent nearly 630 thousand dollars on historical - calendars. [graphics on 3 "b" and "c" the irst graphic is b]among the biggest congressman stephen lynch and californna's jackke (spear) speier.[grappic c]bbth were outspent by new jersey'' &palbio sirrs. but michigann 3&pcalendar king..claake must loveethe giveaway because he spent nearly 35 thousand doolars.those represenntives and othhrs deelined to talk to us. they simmly could ot find room on their calendaas to &ppencil us in for an interview. [sot in robert brantlly with pell phone cover video]sst in 4:155"i use my iphonn forr calendars."trt=:00robert brantley, a minister and housing developerr-- spoke t -3 us while his ife shopped at a storr that sells caaendaas. probert brantley minister and developer]sot ii 5:31"i wonder if it's possible for congress peoppe to do a stuuy to learn the efffctivnnss of calendars to learn whht they really do." pt
froo child tax 3 of the children claimed doo't even livv in the united states. it's all part of an -rrs loophole. the &pgovernment equires everyone &pto ppy taxes on income... whethhr you're here legally or 3&deeegate pat mcdonough says -3 this is jjut the latest example of a federall &pgovernment that refusss to - addresssilleggl iimigration. 3&p(( 9938:34 when you circumveet phe lawwaa an elected ppblii official he consequences are -3&that the aaerican eople will pay the priie for that action or ack of actiin.)) t'' estimatedduu too2-million illegal immigrants could be taking advantage oo u-s tax laws. 3& join oor waste watch.if yoo see government waste... ccll &pour hotline 410-662-1456... or go to ox--aatimore-dot--cm. 3 the chees of tooorrow re ccmpeting today.. "teenn battle chhf" showsskids hat preparing ealtty oods can be fun, and compeeiiive. smith is iie with the baltimore team toosee what ii'ssgoing to take to win this 3 3 p3 -33 3 police say they 3 pulleddover aa s-u-v innoregon ttofind 100y
is & ccances of arole by peruvian der sloot's - peeu nd the united states could mean that he will lliely & be extradittd, dessite his preference. &p3 pisturbing new video out off upstate ew york... ccptures a teen beinn hit by an out-of--ontrol driier.we want video is áveryá difficult to wwtch. watchha group oo teens were walkinn along a sidewalk... -3 whhn you see a car come oot of powheree.. plowing intt hem. 18-year-old viccoo was hrownn up in the ir. he was taken to pultiple innurres... wwere amaaingly... he'ssexpected to be o-k.the driver was arrested & minutes after the ncidenn. &p3 3 governor martin o'malley and leading lawmmkers will offer a preview of next week's special leggslaaiveesession during a news ccnference todaa. 3 agreed to call the special democratic-led legislature failed to agree onna budget.... triggering more thann5-hundred million ollars in cuts. the house and -3 senate are eepecteddto use the -3 session to push through an income tax increaseethat would eliminate the need for the cuts. 3 if the staae's budg
between the ttoop wittdrawal inntwo-planned- 3the united states did not cooe here to cllam resources or to claim territory, we came with a very clear miision. we came to destroy al qaeda..natsot - cs &pcheers the president returned o bagram tooencourrge the troops....and elivered a national address to theepeople back home... saaing the u-s will pull 23--housand troops put of afghaniitan by the end of summer. for the republican nd his bid presidential nomination ater today... and signal his support for presumptiiee leavessthe caapaign with moree than 4-million dollars in debt... nd is expected to address a plan for ppying ii pff.planninn s also underway romney innthe next couple weeks. air travelers are weighing in in the u-s... and the winner s thh poll by ork's - ptravee and leisureá magazine travelers complain about thh airport's check-in and sscurity process anddsay it's the worst foo staff commuuications... design and cleanliness.on the flip &pthe country is minneapolis. coming up... if you think overdraff protection for your checking account... will keep you
.and in the afternoon... a ceremony at he markkthe 50th anniversary of the viitnam 19-62 the united states deployed some 10-thousand military advisers to join the 900 already in vietnam.more than 58-thousand u-s troops were killed nn vietnam.i'm ed payye reporting. memorial day... also kkown as decoration day... dates back just those who died in the red civil war. cravinn a fiih dish for your memorial day cook out? put?stay marty atkins from "brio tuscan grill" ssows us how to make a grilled salmoo salad. salad. you're trrpical storm beryl isn't stopping some frommvisiting the beach on this holiday weekend. on sunday... beryll picked up strength... ausing officials to close several beaches n georgia.this... after lifeguards made 48 residents and visitors are beinggwarned... to keep storm warnings, heavy winds and rain threaten the coast... the southeast is bracing for a super-soaked memorial day. 3 3 finding your center...could soon bb a competition! competition!nats nats the push to make yoga an olympic sport...and what specific movemenns wou
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